Refresh Inc. | What Does Your Beer Say About You?
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06 Nov What Does Your Beer Say About You?

It may not be an hoptical illusion that one’s decision to choose a craft beer over the classic ‘Bud’ may actually exemplify distinct personality traits. One rarely chooses a beer of choice on a whim; there is a mental ‘process of elimination’ that occurs (after all – it is a colossal decision.) Mainly, there’s the decision of choosing your tried-and-true go-to, or veering left for one of those Hopps or Malts that are the new craze. With the grand success of Saskatoon’s first annual Beer Fest, some of you may be inclined to choose the latter.

Many Saskatonian’s are choosing to sip on the local delicacy of a craft beer for its exquisite taste – but what they may not be aware of is the strong correlation between one’s beer of choice and their personality. A dark, thick, barrel-aged stout or a light, wheaty Belgian-style may be you preference – emphasizing your sophisticated palate or adventurous side.  Researcher John Durant, a market researcher who specializes in psychographics, has found that beer has the capability to be ‘a window to one’s soul.’Craft

The act of drinking a local craft beer is known to exemplify characteristics such as charisma, adventurousness & daring! Ok, so… you’re charismatic? I’m sure you can live with that. Regardless of the stigma that may be attached to the drinker, many locals are proud to sip on the locally-brewed crafts of Paddock WoodPrairie Sun Brewery and Nine Mile Legacy, and are staying tapped in (okay – last one – I promise) to the progression of this local, “craft beer” movement!

So – what are your favourite local brews? If you haven’t checked any out, we highly recommend you do!

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