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24 Nov Great Scott!!

2015 Technology & Marketing predictions of Dr.Emmett Brown

This past month we went back to the future! Now that the hype about the day has passed I thought I would take a look at the similarities between the technologies used in the movie and how they can be infused to strategically promote and leverage one’s brand!  Taking a look at the film’s “predictions” for the future of technology, it is uncanny how many came true.

 3D Printing –Coca Cola Campaign Strategy

3D Printing was not simply an Emmett Brown prediction- the field of 3D printing has its roots in the 1980s but has increased in popularity due to decreased costs and innovative ways to use the technology. Worldwide brands have begun using this innovative technology to market their brand in a new, captivating way * hint hint.

Coca-Cola recently ran a campaign in India to promote their new mini bottles.  The basis of the campaign invited consumers to create tiny, digital versions of themselves in a mobile app, which they had to tend to carefully, Tamagotchi-style. A select few of those contestants won and made a trip to the Coca-Cola factory where they were able to turn their mini-me’s into the real thing, via 3D printing. Talk about bringing advertising to life!

The Scenery Channel
Inside the McFly residence, a window television was used to “broadcast beautiful views 24 hours a day” In the streets of Hill Valley, digital signage was everywhere!

FF to today- Comcast has created their own version of The Window Channel to its video-on demand roster. This application is currently being used in a Carolina based hospital and being played in over 18,000 hospital rooms to give the patients amazing views of the world. This would be a spectacular way to advertise *2nd hint hint.

Digital Signage can be a visually appealing way to advertise. Whether it be through an interactive screen, or a simple billboard or sign, it is a captivating new trend that it taking the marketing world by storm!


Video Chat
The Mcfly’s predicted it- we have it.

Video chat communication completely exists, and it’s in the palm of our hands in a few different ways- Skype, Facetime, Snapchat, and the most surprising of all, ICPOOCH. ICPOOCH is a technology that allows pet owners to video chat with their pet and even dispense treats to them when they are not home.

That being said, most of these tools are mainly used for personal connections, but lately SnapChat has been a tool that is being used to connect with consumers on a personal level to build credibility by the way of real-time powerful video features and seemingly organic messaging from brands and public figures. (Be sure to check out next blog post that will get down to the nitty gritty of how business can best use SnapChat to their advantage!)



Wearable Technology
Marty McFly was a big fan of the wearable technology in 1985… and in 2015 the marketing opportunities for the technology are endless!

The discussion can be had to the usefulness and practicality of wearable technology, yet, from a marketing point view, version two of Google Glass  ,Microsoft’s Hololens  and Facebook’s Oculus Rift virtual reality headset  have created platforms for the most “in your face” marketing around, literally. The potential for advertising on these devices is limitless and if the technology increases in popularity, could be a great way to get your brand seen, up close and personal!


There are many opportunities to use these future forward technologies in our every day marketing – how will you use them to set your brand apart?!



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