Refresh Inc. | ‘Tis the Season to Sparkle — Saskatchewan Entrepreneurs are Shining!
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10 Dec ‘Tis the Season to Sparkle — Saskatchewan Entrepreneurs are Shining!

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There is absolutely no doubt that Saskatchewan is infused with a brilliant entrepreneurial spirit that contributes to the province’s unique glow.

Not to dull the sparkle of this post, but the cold stone facts of Saskatchewan entrepreneurship are quite impressive. For the third year in a row, according to Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), Saskatoon and Regina were among the top 10 cities in Canada for overall entrepreneurial success. Saskatchewan has an extremely strong and growing economy, which offers an opportunity for prosperity and success for newcomers to flash their stuff!

Interestingly enough, compared to other provinces, Saskatchewan had the largest percentage of self-employed individuals in the workforce, at 19.4%, and has the highest per capita count of small business’ with a rate of 131 businesses per 1,000 people.


Although the entrepreneur lifestyle may not always be all glitz and glam, one Saskatchewan-based company has certainly earned their stars! Hilberg & Berk Recently opened its doors in the heart of Saskatoon’s Midtown Plaza! This is the opening of the company’s 5th retail location in just one years’ time! Rachel Mielke, creator of Hillberg & Berk, is a Saskatchewan entrepreneur and just last week was recognized internationally for her success as 12,000 people gathered in Palm Springs for the Ernst & Young (EY) Strategic Growth Forum. It was there that Rachel was one of the 12 recipients to receive the prestigious 2015 EY Entrepreneurial Women Award.

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Do you have an entrepreneurial spark that could illuminate in the booming metropolis of Saskatchewan?


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