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What SnapChat Can Do For Your Brand

22 Dec What SnapChat Can Do For Your Brand

We are living in a digital world where we connect with friends and family through multiple digital platforms.  One of those platforms, which is now the world’s third most popular social apps among 18-34 year-olds, is SnapChat!  It’s taking advantage of our behavioral habits of media consumption of wanting short snippets of people’s everyday lives.

People like you and me are not the only ones using this app. It has been taken by storm by many brands. If your brand is new to world of SnapChat you are probably thinking how do I utilize this platform? Or why should I even care?  Well you SHOULD care! SnapChat can take your brand to the next level and here are some examples as to why and how.


With attention spans shrinking, SnapChat is a tool that every brand should take advantage of to capture the attention of their audience.  SnapChat takes the powerful affect of ephemeral video and photos (content that lasts for a very short amount of time) and uses it to its advantage.  It creates those “you had to be there” moments that everyone hates to be left out on.

SnapChat is also a way to create personal connections with your audience.  The videos and photos posted through the app are all raw and authentic.  There is very little to no wiggle room to make edits, making people feel like they are right there with you.  Posts are uploaded right away so viewers can see what is taking place in real time.  It’s also not just a one-way mirror either!  Creating interactions with your followers is more accessible than ever and that’s what every brand is striving for.  We will tell you how in just a bit!

The app also enables you to humanize your brand.  Going along with the idea that SnapChat posts are raw and authentic, there’s no reason to make your SnapChat post picture perfect like you would on Twitter or Facebook.  You can build personal insight of your brand and avoid the ‘noise’ that other social media platforms have. This is the definition of #realtalk.


The question now is how does a brand utilize SnapChat?  First of all you can’t just start posting at random; you need a strategy.  A plan without a strategy is like an engine without gasoline. You might see some sparks but you won’t get anywhere!  What may your strategy look like?  It could look something like this!

Show What’s Happening Behind the Scenes

Nothing feels as cool as having exclusivity; access and information to things others are not. Whether it’s a photo shoot or showcasing a day in the life, giving your followers a VIP pass to the madness of the behind the scenes work will make them feel a connection and humanize your brand. Victoria’s Secret did just that at their always highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  They posted videos of the models getting ready and even interviewing each other as to how they were feeling before the show.  Now I feel like I am Behati’s best friend 😉

Snapchat - VS Angels

Contests and Promotions

Giving out perks through SnapChat like special contests and promotions is yet another way to engage with your followers.  Not only will it create interactions with the people you want to associate with your brand, it gives people who are not yet following you an incentive to do so!  They win cool prizes and receive discounts while you gain more traffic to your SnapChat account and brand recognition; it’s a win-win!  The frozen yogurt chain, 16 Handles, engaged with their followers by encouraging them to send a snap of them enjoying their frozen yogurt.  In return, 16 Handles sent snaps of coupons for their next purchase.  Not a bad way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Sneak Peak of New Products

Sharing a secret is one of the most intimate interactions people do.  It elicits trust between two people.  Creating trust with your followers is something very valuable and you can do that by showing sneak previews of new products or the next big idea coming out the door.  How much more human can a brand get?  Taco Bell announced a new limited-time product release on their menu that would be revealed on SnapChat.  Taco Bell’s fans are so devoted and obsessed with their limited-time menu items.   Fans rushed to follow the company on SnapChat so fast that they actually broke the platform for an entire day.  Take that Kim Kardashian.

Snapchat - taco-bell

There are other great strategic ways to utilize SnapChat for your brand. How would you utilize SnapChat to make your brand stand out?


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