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15 Jan Colour More- Top 3 Reasons Why!

Being a marketing agency (and a darn good one at that;)) we are always intrigued by new and innovative ways to get those “creative juices” flowing. This past holiday season I received not 1, but 3 coloring books as gifts! All of the cards that went along with these gifts spoke to the fact that because I am a creative (personal ego boost) marketeer, I would appreciate the books – because colouring goes hand in hand with my way of thinking. I was intrigued by my family and friends ability to judge my character and was very excited to do a little digging into the most common benefits of this new “trend” of adult colouring books!


Top 3 Reasons to Color:

#1 De-Stresser

Simply put, multiple studies have found that colouring has a de-stressing effect that can be parallel to that of exercise, taking a bath or playing video games. Whenever we focus on a particular activity, we tend to focus on the current task at hand, thus taking our attention away from our worries. This can also help us replace our negative thoughts with positive and ones. An added benefit here is that coloring can take us back to our childhood, a period in which we most certainly had a lot less stress! “I strongly recommend it as a relaxation technique,” says psychologist Antoni Martinez.

*** Expert Tip- Do not use ink pens, or permanent markers…you will inadvertently become more stressed. Pencil Crayons or Art Markers are strongly recommended🙂


# 2 Self-Empowerment

In life, it is quite common to look for “little wins” in our day to day routines. Move over free- standing head stand in yoga class or paying off the good-old visa balance (both being self-admitted little wins), colouring books to the rescue! Being able to create a masterful piece of art, (without being an artist or painter) allows one to gain a great sense of accomplishment. This “little win” also creates a ripple effect in which our confidence level is boosted, and this confidence can then be applied to all aspects of our life. #COLOURPOWER!

# 3 You Will be Sharper (no pun intended)

Recent studies have found that when you are choosing colours, balancing colours, applying coloured pencil to paper, you are working on problem solving, and fine motor skills. Colouring can be used as a tool to develop our decisions making abilities, since, depending on our mood, we will choose different colours or intensity. The American Art Therapy Association has also found that art therapy (including colouring) can be used to sharpen our “self-awareness, behaviour management, socials skill and reality orientation” capabilities.

Not sure where to start? Digital Arts has compiled a list of their Top 5 Favorite Colouring Books on the market!

  1.  Johanna Basford-Secret Garden
  2. Lizzie Mary Cullen- Magical City
  3. Ollie Munden- The Tattoo Colouring Book
  4. Thrill Murray – Bill Murray Coloring Book
  5. Johanna Basford- Enchanted Forest


If you haven’t tried any of these out, we recommend that you do! You may just surprise yourself. If not, at least you have a personal Picasso to show off!

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