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08 Apr Marketing Intern- The Stereotypes

The intern. The bottom of the totem pole. The “Errand Boy/Girl”… True?

Not in this case!

As a marketing intern, the hope from this experience is to excel using the skills learned in school, make a good impression, and land the dream job! To do this, putting your best foot forward, and giving your all is key! But it doesn’t hurt to poke a little fun with all of these stereotypes that have been bestowed upon us newbies! My experience here at Refresh is proof that not all interns follow these stereotypes.


Stereotype #1: “The intern is always the first one there, and the last one to leave.”

In this intern’s case, this is half true. Carpooling is a beautiful thing! Being an out of town intern subjects you to renting a car, or carpooling… carpooling wins! This means the arrival and departure times of the day is out of the newbies hands! They arrive with the rest of the group.


Stereotype #2: “Runner and Distributor of Coffee”

Luckily here at Refresh, we have a Keurig, so basically the rule  is “Drink at your own pace.” On the rarest occasion I went to enjoy a hot beverage with the top of Refresh’s totem pole, we brought coffee back for the rest of the team.. so in that moment I was the stereotype, and the girls did not hesitate to point it out, and video tape it of course. Besides that one occasion, I get my own coffee, and so does everyone else! So if you’re interning at an establishment where all you’re doing is getting coffee… then you might want to reconsider your placement.


Stereotype #3: “Makes copies all day”

Day to day jobs here at Refresh vary, from attending meetings and taking notes, to giving  input in team meetings, to writing this blog! Not one copy has been made by this intern. To turn on that complex piece of machinery looks like a challenge in itself! At Refresh, they challenge you to find your place and give it your all!


Stereotype #4: “Best dressed” 

Everyone says that they can point out the intern based on their clothing attire, meaning that they are usually well over-dressed for the job compared to the rest of the staff. Within Refresh, those who work here dress in their own trendy fashion. There won’t be any episodes on the Refresh staff on the Fashion Police, we’ve got the style factor covered. Being here you don’t blend in, but the intern’s outfit definitely doesn’t stand out!


All in all, Refresh offers the environment to grow, to take your skills and expand on them, and to learn more than you’d imagine!

This intern is on this ride for the long haul! Stay tuned to see more from this roller coaster ride!


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