Refresh Inc. | Who IS Beyonce’s Marketing Team? And Can We Buy Them A Drink?
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12 May Who IS Beyonce’s Marketing Team? And Can We Buy Them A Drink?

On April 23rd, Beyoncé surprised fans with her brand new album, titled Lemonade. Fans or the “bey-hive” as they call themselves, went crazy as they listened to this 12-track emotional roller coaster that hints towards a troubled marriage with rapper Jay-Z; specifically regarding Jay-Z potentially being unfaithful to Queen B.

In the marketing world, questions are now arising about whether or not this powerful couple carefully crafted an elaborate marketing stunt in order to drum up album sales. Here are 3 reasons why we think that Lemonade may just be marketing gone right:

1. Tidal

The album was released exclusively on Tidal, which is Jay-Z’s music streaming service. It did not become available on iTunes until the next day. Us marketing pros call this technique “windowing,” where the album is briefly restricted from certain online services before expanding to a larger release. In fact, many fans purchased subscriptions to Tidal just to listen to Beyoncé’s album.

Many people claim that if the album were truly about Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s marriage troubles, he wouldn’t have released it on his own service. Our research tells us that he had to approve the songs before the release, which indicates that this may have been purely a business decision and a marketing effort in order to reach more sales. The release of Lemonade saw Tidal shoot up 148 spots on the United States’ list of most downloaded applications and it landed in the iTunes top five.

2. Social Media

The release of the album got people talking on social media and the more the conversation grew, the more album sales on Tidal we saw. Beyoncé fans blew up Twitter with their reactions, even to the point where the lemon emoji was trending on Twitter. Social media has the power to generate a lot of buzz, and Lemonade did just that.

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3. No Marketing

The last marketing secret that Beyoncé mastered is essentially not doing any conventional marketing at all. The only promotion that was done for this album was simply posting the release date on her Instagram, leaving the fans excited and curious. The rest was through primarily word-of-mouth and leaves us to consider if this form of “not-marketing” is actually a marketing technique. Some even claim to say that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are marketing masters and have learned that the more attention they get, the more they sell.

So what’s next in the music marketing industry? Well, the president and founder of PledgeMusic, suggests that it may be a “direct-to-fan” approach. This means that an artist will create something only after a fan has asked for it. This prediction actually refers to the opposite of Beyoncé’s current “surprising” fans technique.

Regardless, we’re Crazy In Love for Beyoncé here at Refresh. One of our team members is heading to the Edmonton concert later this month and we can’t wait to hear all about it! We think Beyonce’s marketing strategy was Sasha Fierce; contact us today, and let’s come up with a Flawless strategy for your business!

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