Refresh Inc. | “Naqsh-isms” – The Everyday Phrases of Naqsh Kochar
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22 Jul “Naqsh-isms” – The Everyday Phrases of Naqsh Kochar

Almost every celebrity or public figure has his or her own catch phrase. Whether it’s DJ Khaled’s “Another One”, Snoop Dogg’s “Fo’ Shizzle”, or Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again”, you automatically recall who the catch phrase originated from.

For us at Refresh, we have caught onto Naqsh’s catch phrases (yes, he has more than one). We like to call them, “Naqsh-isms.” Here’s a list of our favorites:

“Poop in a group”

Definition: v. to organize your tasks and schedules in order to be ready for the next step.

Used in a sentence: “We need to get our poop in group.”

Synonyms: shit together, ducks in a row

 “That’s hot”


Definition: adj. a design, document, or website that is visually pleasing

Used in a sentence: “I really like the creative for the campaign; that’s hot.”

Synonyms: that’s great, that’s right on the money



Definition: n. a valuable idea or fact

Used in a sentence: “I would like to give you a nugget of information.”

Synonyms: piece of, tid bit

“There’s some truth to that”


Definition: to admit to the realization of a fact put forward.

Used in a sentence: “There’s some truth to that.”

Synonyms: what you’re saying is relevant

“Poo poo the idea”


Definition: v. to dismiss a new idea or thought.

Used in a sentence: “I don’t want to poo poo the idea, but we should consider other options.”

Synonyms: ignore your thought, disregard the idea



Definition: adj. fabulous, wonderful

Used in a sentence: “The new Refresh site is fab.”

Synonyms: awesome, great, delightful

Whether you realize it or not, we all have our own catch phrases and those phrases shape our own personal brand. What you say on regular basis has impact on those around you and how they perceive you. We enjoy helping shape our clients’ personal brands and if you need help finding yours, give us a shout!


Can you pick out what your own catch phrases are?

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