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We’re a Marketing Firm.

So, let’s begin with an analogy. (It’s only fitting.) On a browser, when you hit “Refresh” you don’t leave the page you’re on – you get a renewed look at that same page. Clicking Refresh means an update – not a brand new start. If a page has gone stale, you hit Refresh. Magic happens. Links work again and content repopulates. Choosing Refresh breathes life back into the page and renews the conversation.

You’re here. So, unless you’re an envious competitor checking out our latest work, you’re probably considering a Refresh on some aspect of your business or organization. Perhaps your website is lazy; or maybe you have stagnant merch collecting dust on shelves; or there’s a chance you simply need to attract new talent to a couple of open positions. Refresh can do that for you. We refresh websites. We refresh marketing and business strategies. We refresh advertising. But, most importantly, we refresh brands. And a Refreshed brand is a powerful brand. A Refreshed brand aligns with your long view and gets folks engaged.

You know your business. You’ve built your client base. We appreciate that fact. As such, we feel our business is not telling you how to do your business. Our business is to provide you with practical advice, strategy, planning, and creative related to how your clients look at (and, more importantly, talk about) your organization. And a Refreshed brand means we provide expertise on how you can manage that perception – especially digitally and online. Our job is to hit refresh in your clients’ minds. Keeping you top of mind.

Check out some other organizations that have benefitted from a Refresh:

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Strategic Thought

At Refresh, strategy always comes first. Once strategy is in place, we develop creative and media planning to suit a metric-driven execution aligned with your long-term business needs. Hitting Refresh means a long view partnership with someone who cares. We care. And we can help. Give us a call.  Have a chat with Naqsh, and learn what Refresh can do for your business or organization.

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Creative Execution

We hit Refresh through marketing, advertising, digital smarts and social prowess.We integrate innovation, technology, and business strategy through a marketing lens. Often, we do this through online or digital means. But we’re no strangers to traditional forms of advertising. A quick look at our portfolio will show you we have industry leading strategic smarts and creative chops.

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Our Why

Why do you do what you do?

This is a question we take very seriously. (And you can expect to hear this question when you visit or call us). For those of us at Refresh, it’s not so much a soul-searching question as much as it is a simple statement: we love advertising and marketing, especially digital, and we exist to inspire our clients to be remarkable.

Some people put their heart and soul into creating craft beer, others a fine wine, and others still a multi-layered sauce customized daily to compliment a perfectly-grilled pork tenderloin. We put our heart and soul into tirelessly developing an understanding of who you are as an organization, punctuating this understanding with an agile and aligned strategy, and finishing with metric-friendly creative — executed with precision.

Clearly, we should be working with you, too.

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Refresh Inc.

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Refresh Inc. 52.123982, -106.671698
Refresh Corporate Headquarters Saskatoon Hub Suite #201-126 20th Street West
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7M 0W6, Canada

For Client Services Contact:

Trianna Palidwor, Client Services
tel: +1 (306) 281 2687

For General & Public Relations contact:
Naqsh (Nick) Kochar, CEO
tel: +1 (306) 261 1204
Refresh Windsor Office

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Refresh Windsor Office 42.322087, -83.013598

Refresh Windsor Office 201 – 624 Chilver Road
Windsor, Ontario
N8Y 2K2, Canada

For Client Services Contact:

Kate Desjarlais, Client Services
tel: +1 (519) 965-3849

For General & Public Relations contact:
Melissa Nurse
tel: +1 (306) 713-9491

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