Refresh Inc. | About Us
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Established in 2009, Refresh Inc. (Refresh) is a digital marketing agency that specializes in the interactive marketing niche. We employ big ideas and innovative ways of thinking to help clients build their business and grow their market share. Refresh understands that building an organization’s brand doesn’t start with simply executing marketing tactics haphazardly, but must begin with a calculated look at an organization’s brand through the lens of strategic thought. Refresh believes that clients receive far more value from marketing campaigns that are not only executed with technical precision, but are brilliantly conceived and well-orchestrated from inception. Our command of technology, along with our ability to combine innovative solutions with strategies that help clients achieve business success, makes us uniquely competitive. Refresh serves a range of clients, from established businesses to small start-ups looking to generate momentum.


As you will see in our portfolio, Refresh has extensive experience, previous and ongoing, working with an array of clients with varying needs. We have successfully elevated their brand exposure in and around the Saskatchewan community, as well as Western Canada and on a national level. Our team consists of a mixture of in-house experts and strategic partnerships. We have a strong base of team members who specialize in positioning, strategy, branding, social media marketing, search engine optimization, advertising, logo & identity design, product packaging, digital design, market research, business plans and feasibility studies. We also have a network of experienced partners, which we will handpick to suit your specific needs; this ensures the project is completed at the highest quality and efficiency.