Refresh Inc. | Services
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Build emotion through great design, messaging and advertising. Great creative is an immediate feeling – it speaks to the mind but aims for the heart. Design always starts with a strong messaging strategy that lends itself to anything from a logo, web design, any form of print of outdoor advertising, all the way to video (TV or digital) advertising. Creative design and marketing should go hand-in-hand. Invest your time and energy wisely.

    • Strategy & Planning, including Brand, Marketing and Creative
    • Creative Development, including visual design (logos) and graphics design
    • Digital Execution, including websites and e-commerce
    • Search engine optimization (SEO) & Analytics
    • Search engine marketing (SEM)
    • Social media marketing (SMM)
    • Content Creation
    • Traditional Advertising & Execution, including campaigns, print & collateral, and media buying


We begin with an analysis of your business – we analyze what strategies you’ve used that have gone well, what went sideways, and what kicked things up a notch. This requires a bit of time, some honest soul searching and a realistic look at your goals. The result is a strong understanding of your organization’s core values and its unique position in the market.  This provides the framework for understanding what your business stands for, who you’re truly up against and how you can reach your business goals.

    • Feasibility Studies & Business Plans
    • Business Consulting & Coaching
    • Commercialization & Growth Strategy


Our world of mobile devices, apps, social media and pervasive connectivity has made technology the primary interface between businesses and customers. Companies now must be prepared to interact with customers directly, in real time and from any device, so they’re rebuilding their core technology capabilities in a massive effort that the industry calls “digital transformation.”

Today’s modern software factory uses a new array of well-defined, highly automated processes to enable software to be developed in shorter cycles and deployed into production at a higher velocity.

    • Web/Mobile software development & architecture
    • User interface & user experience (UI/UX)
    • Systems analysis, selection & integration
    • Quality assurance & deployment