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“Naqsh-isms” – The Everyday Phrases of Naqsh Kochar

another one

Almost every celebrity or public figure has his or her own catch phrase. Whether it’s DJ Khaled’s “Another One”, Snoop Dogg’s “Fo’ Shizzle”, or Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again”, you automatically recall who the catch phrase originated from.

For us at Refresh, we have caught onto Naqsh’s catch phrases (yes, he has more than one). We like to call them, “Naqsh-isms.” Here’s a list of our favorites:

“Poop in a group”

Definition: v. to organize your tasks and schedules in order to be ready for the next step.

Used in a sentence: “We need to get our poop in group.”

Synonyms: shit together, ducks in a row

 “That’s hot”


Definition: adj. a design, document, or website that is visually pleasing.

Used in a sentence: “I really like the creative for the campaign; that’s hot.”

Synonyms: that’s great, that’s right on the money



Definition: n. a valuable idea or fact.

Used in a sentence: “I would like to give you a nugget of information.”

Synonyms: piece of, tid bit

“There’s some truth to that”


Definition: to admit to the realization of a fact put forward.

Used in a sentence: “There’s some truth to that.”

Synonyms: what you’re saying is relevant

“Poo poo the idea”


Definition: v. to dismiss a new idea or thought.

Used in a sentence: “I don’t want to poo poo the idea, but we should consider other options.”

Synonyms: ignore your thought, disregard the idea



Definition: adj. fabulous, wonderful.

Used in a sentence: “The new Refresh site is fab.”

Synonyms: awesome, great, delightful

Whether you realize it or not, we all have our own catch phrases and those phrases shape our own personal brand. What you say on regular basis has impact on those around you and how they perceive you. We enjoy helping shape our clients’ personal brands and if you need help finding yours, give us a shout!


Can you pick out your own catch phrases?

Who IS Beyonce’s Marketing Team? And Can We Buy Them A Drink?

On April 23rd, Beyoncé surprised fans with her brand new album, titled Lemonade. Fans or the “bey-hive” as they call themselves, went crazy as they listened to this 12-track emotional roller coaster that hints towards a troubled marriage with rapper Jay-Z; specifically regarding Jay-Z potentially being unfaithful to Queen B.


In the marketing world, questions are now arising about whether or not this powerful couple carefully crafted an elaborate marketing stunt in order to drum up album sales. Here are 3 reasons why we think that Lemonade may just be marketing gone right:

1. Tidal

The album was released exclusively on Tidal, which is Jay-Z’s music streaming service. It did not become available on iTunes until the next day. Us marketing pros call this technique “windowing,” where the album is briefly restricted from certain online services before expanding to a larger release. In fact, many fans purchased subscriptions to Tidal just to listen to Beyoncé’s album.

Many people claim that if the album were truly about Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s marriage troubles, he wouldn’t have released it on his own service. Our research tells us that he had to approve the songs before the release, which indicates that this may have been purely a business decision and a marketing effort in order to reach more sales. The release of Lemonade saw Tidal shoot up 148 spots on the United States’ list of most downloaded applications and it landed in the iTunes top five.

2. Social Media

The release of the album got people talking on social media and the more the conversation grew, the more album sales on Tidal we saw. Beyoncé fans blew up Twitter with their reactions, even to the point where the lemon emoji was trending on Twitter. Social media has the power to generate a lot of buzz, and Lemonade did just that.

blog 1





blog 3





blog 2





3. No Marketing

The last marketing secret that Beyoncé mastered is essentially not doing any conventional marketing at all. The only promotion that was done for this album was simply posting the release date on her Instagram, leaving the fans excited and curious. The rest was through primarily word-of-mouth and leaves us to consider if this form of “not-marketing” is actually a marketing technique. Some even claim to say that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are marketing masters and have learned that the more attention they get, the more they sell.

So what’s next in the music marketing industry? Well, the president and founder of PledgeMusic, suggests that it may be a “direct-to-fan” approach. This means that an artist will create something only after a fan has asked for it. This prediction actually refers to the opposite of Beyoncé’s current “surprising” fans technique.

Regardless, we’re Crazy In Love for Beyoncé here at Refresh. One of our team members is heading to the Edmonton concert later this month and we can’t wait to hear all about it! We think Beyonce’s marketing strategy was Sasha Fierce; contact us today, and let’s come up with a Flawless strategy for your business!

Marketing Intern- The Stereotypes

The intern. The bottom of the totem pole. The “Errand Boy/Girl”… True?

Not in this case!



As a marketing intern, the hope from this experience is to excel using the skills learned in school, make a good impression, and land the dream job! To do this, putting your best foot forward, and giving your all is key! But it doesn’t hurt to poke a little fun with all of these stereotypes that have been bestowed upon us newbies! My experience here at Refresh is proof that not all interns follow these stereotypes.


Stereotype #1: “The intern is always the first one there, and the last one to leave.”

In this intern’s case, this is half true. Carpooling is a beautiful thing! Being an out of town intern subjects you to renting a car, or carpooling… carpooling wins! This means the arrival and departure times of the day is out of the newbies hands! They arrive with the rest of the group.


Stereotype #2: “Runner and Distributor of Coffee”

Luckily here at Refresh, we have a Keurig, so basically the rule  is “Drink at your own pace.” On the rarest occasion I went to enjoy a hot beverage with the top of Refresh’s totem pole, we brought coffee back for the rest of the team.. so in that moment I was the stereotype, and the girls did not hesitate to point it out, and video tape it of course. Besides that one occasion, I get my own coffee, and so does everyone else! So if you’re interning at an establishment where all you’re doing is getting coffee… then you might want to reconsider your placement.



Stereotype #3: “Makes copies all day”

Day to day jobs here at Refresh vary, from attending meetings and taking notes, to giving  input in team meetings, to writing this blog! Not one copy has been made by this intern. To turn on that complex piece of machinery looks like a challenge in itself! At Refresh, they challenge you to find your place and give it your all!


Stereotype #4: “Best dressed” 

Everyone says that they can point out the intern based on their clothing attire, meaning that they are usually well over-dressed for the job compared to the rest of the staff. Within Refresh, those who work here dress in their own trendy fashion. There won’t be any episodes on the Refresh staff on the Fashion Police, we’ve got the style factor covered. Being here you don’t blend in, but the intern’s outfit definitely doesn’t stand out!


All in all, Refresh offers the environment to grow, to take your skills and expand on them, and to learn more than you’d imagine!

This intern is on this ride for the long haul! Stay tuned to see more from this roller coaster ride!


Colour More- Top 3 Reasons Why!

Being a marketing agency (and a darn good one at that;)) we are always intrigued by new and innovative ways to get those “creative juices” flowing. This past holiday season I received not 1, but 3 coloring books as gifts! All of the cards that went along with these gifts spoke to the fact that because I am a creative (personal ego boost) marketeer, I would appreciate the books – because colouring goes hand in hand with my way of thinking. I was intrigued by my family and friends ability to judge my character and was very excited to do a little digging into the most common benefits of this new “trend” of adult colouring books!


Top 3 Reasons to Color:

#1 De-Stresser

Simply put, multiple studies have found that colouring has a de-stressing effect that can be parallel to that of exercise, taking a bath or playing video games. Whenever we focus on a particular activity, we tend to focus on the current task at hand, thus taking our attention away from our worries. This can also help us replace our negative thoughts with positive and ones. An added benefit here is that coloring can take us back to our childhood, a period in which we most certainly had a lot less stress! “I strongly recommend it as a relaxation technique,” says psychologist Antoni Martinez.

*** Expert Tip- Do not use ink pens, or permanent markers…you will inadvertently become more stressed. Pencil Crayons or Art Markers are strongly recommended :)


# 2 Self-Empowerment

In life, it is quite common to look for “little wins” in our day to day routines. Move over free- standing head stand in yoga class or paying off the good-old visa balance (both being self-admitted little wins), colouring books to the rescue! Being able to create a masterful piece of art, (without being an artist or painter) allows one to gain a great sense of accomplishment. This “little win” also creates a ripple effect in which our confidence level is boosted, and this confidence can then be applied to all aspects of our life. #COLOURPOWER!

# 3 You Will be Sharper (no pun intended)

Recent studies have found that when you are choosing colours, balancing colours, applying coloured pencil to paper, you are working on problem solving, and fine motor skills. Colouring can be used as a tool to develop our decisions making abilities, since, depending on our mood, we will choose different colours or intensity. The American Art Therapy Association has also found that art therapy (including colouring) can be used to sharpen our “self-awareness, behaviour management, socials skill and reality orientation” capabilities.

Not sure where to start? Digital Arts has compiled a list of their Top 5 Favorite Colouring Books on the market!

  1.  Johanna Basford-Secret Garden
  2. Lizzie Mary Cullen- Magical City
  3. Ollie Munden- The Tattoo Colouring Book
  4. Thrill Murray – Bill Murray Coloring Book
  5. Johanna Basford- Enchanted Forest


If you haven’t tried any of these out, we recommend that you do! You may just surprise yourself. If not, at least you have a personal Picasso to show off!

What SnapChat Can Do For Your Brand


We are living in a digital world where we connect with friends and family through multiple digital platforms.  One of those platforms, which is now the world’s third most popular social apps among 18-34 year-olds, is SnapChat!  It’s taking advantage of our behavioral habits of media consumption of wanting short snippets of people’s everyday lives.

People like you and me are not the only ones using this app. It has been taken by storm by many brands. If your brand is new to world of SnapChat you are probably thinking how do I utilize this platform? Or why should I even care?  Well you SHOULD care! SnapChat can take your brand to the next level and here are some examples as to why and how.


With attention spans shrinking, SnapChat is a tool that every brand should take advantage of to capture the attention of their audience.  SnapChat takes the powerful affect of ephemeral video and photos (content that lasts for a very short amount of time) and uses it to its advantage.  It creates those “you had to be there” moments that everyone hates to be left out on.

SnapChat is also a way to create personal connections with your audience.  The videos and photos posted through the app are all raw and authentic.  There is very little to no wiggle room to make edits, making people feel like they are right there with you.  Posts are uploaded right away so viewers can see what is taking place in real time.  It’s also not just a one-way mirror either!  Creating interactions with your followers is more accessible than ever and that’s what every brand is striving for.  We will tell you how in just a bit!

The app also enables you to humanize your brand.  Going along with the idea that SnapChat posts are raw and authentic, there’s no reason to make your SnapChat post picture perfect like you would on Twitter or Facebook.  You can build personal insight of your brand and avoid the ‘noise’ that other social media platforms have. This is the definition of #realtalk.


The question now is how does a brand utilize SnapChat?  First of all you can’t just start posting at random; you need a strategy.  A plan without a strategy is like an engine without gasoline. You might see some sparks but you won’t get anywhere!  What may your strategy look like?  It could look something like this!

Show What’s Happening Behind the Scenes

Nothing feels as cool as having exclusivity; access and information to things others are not. Whether it’s a photo shoot or showcasing a day in the life, giving your followers a VIP pass to the madness of the behind the scenes work will make them feel a connection and humanize your brand. Victoria’s Secret did just that at their always highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  They posted videos of the models getting ready and even interviewing each other as to how they were feeling before the show.  Now I feel like I am Behati’s best friend ;)

Snapchat - BehatiSnapchat - kendall gigiSnapchat - VS Angels

Contests and Promotions

Giving out perks through SnapChat like special contests and promotions is yet another way to engage with your followers.  Not only will it create interactions with the people you want to associate with your brand, it gives people who are not yet following you an incentive to do so!  They win cool prizes and receive discounts while you gain more traffic to your SnapChat account and brand recognition; it’s a win-win!  The frozen yogurt chain, 16 Handles, engaged with their followers by encouraging them to send a snap of them enjoying their frozen yogurt.  In return, 16 Handles sent snaps of coupons for their next purchase.  Not a bad way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Sneak Peak of New Products

Sharing a secret is one of the most intimate interactions people do.  It elicits trust between two people.  Creating trust with your followers is something very valuable and you can do that by showing sneak previews of new products or the next big idea coming out the door.  How much more human can a brand get?  Taco Bell announced a new limited-time product release on their menu that would be revealed on SnapChat.  Taco Bell’s fans are so devoted and obsessed with their limited-time menu items.   Fans rushed to follow the company on SnapChat so fast that they actually broke the platform for an entire day.  Take that Kim Kardashian.

Snapchat - taco-bell

There are other great strategic ways to utilize SnapChat for your brand. How would you utilize SnapChat to make your brand stand out?


‘Tis the Season to Sparkle — Saskatchewan Entrepreneurs are Shining!

Sparkle Blog - TreesHB Store

There is absolutely no doubt that Saskatchewan is infused with a brilliant entrepreneurial spirit that contributes to the province’s unique glow.

Not to dull the sparkle of this post, but the cold stone facts of Saskatchewan entrepreneurship are quite impressive. For the third year in a row, according to Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), Saskatoon and Regina were among the top 10 cities in Canada for overall entrepreneurial success. Saskatchewan has an extremely strong and growing economy, which offers an opportunity for prosperity and success for newcomers to flash their stuff!

Interestingly enough, compared to other provinces, Saskatchewan had the largest percentage of self-employed individuals in the workforce, at 19.4%, and has the highest per capita count of small business’ with a rate of 131 businesses per 1,000 people.


Although the entrepreneur lifestyle may not always be all glitz and glam, one Saskatchewan-based company has certainly earned their stars! Hilberg & Berk Recently opened its doors in the heart of Saskatoon’s Midtown Plaza! This is the opening of the company’s 5th retail location in just one years’ time! Rachel Mielke, creator of Hillberg & Berk, is a Saskatchewan entrepreneur and just last week was recognized internationally for her success as 12,000 people gathered in Palm Springs for the Ernst & Young (EY) Strategic Growth Forum. It was there that Rachel was one of the 12 recipients to receive the prestigious 2015 EY Entrepreneurial Women Award.

HB Storefront

Do you have an entrepreneurial spark that could illuminate in the booming metropolis of Saskatchewan?


Great Scott!!

2015 Technology & Marketing predictions of Dr.Emmett Brown

This past month we went back to the future! Now that the hype about the day has passed I thought I would take a look at the similarities between the technologies used in the movie and how they can be infused to strategically promote and leverage one’s brand!  Taking a look at the film’s “predictions” for the future of technology, it is uncanny how many came true.

 3D Printing –Coca Cola Campaign Strategy
3D Printing was not simply an Emmett Brown prediction- the field of 3D printing has its roots in the 1980s but has increased in popularity due to decreased costs and innovative ways to use the technology. Worldwide brands have begun using this innovative technology to market their brand in a new, captivating way * hint hint.

Coca-Cola recently ran a campaign in India to promote their new mini bottles.  The basis of the campaign invited consumers to create tiny, digital versions of themselves in a mobile app, which they had to tend to carefully, Tamagotchi-style. A select few of those contestants won and made a trip to the Coca-Cola factory where they were able to turn their mini-me’s into the real thing, via 3D printing. Talk about bringing advertising to life!

The Scenery Channel
Inside the McFly residence, a window television was used to “broadcast beautiful views 24 hours a day” In the streets of Hill Valley, digital signage was everywhere!

FF to today- Comcast has created their own version of The Window Channel to its video-on demand roster. This application is currently being used in a Carolina based hospital and being played in over 18,000 hospital rooms to give the patients amazing views of the world. This would be a spectacular way to advertise *2nd hint hint.

Digital Signage can be a visually appealing way to advertise. Whether it be through an interactive screen, or a simple billboard or sign, it is a captivating new trend that it taking the marketing world by storm!


Video Chat
The Mcfly’s predicted it- we have it.

Video chat communication completely exists, and it’s in the palm of our hands in a few different ways- Skype, Facetime, Snapchat, and the most surprising of all, ICPOOCH. ICPOOCH is a technology that allows pet owners to video chat with their pet and even dispense treats to them when they are not home.

That being said, most of these tools are mainly used for personal connections, but lately SnapChat has been a tool that is being used to connect with consumers on a personal level to build credibility by the way of real-time powerful video features and seemingly organic messaging from brands and public figures. (Be sure to check out next blog post that will get down to the nitty gritty of how business can best use SnapChat to their advantage!)



Wearable Technology
Marty McFly was a big fan of the wearable technology in 1985… and in 2015 the marketing opportunities for the technology are endless!

The discussion can be had to the usefulness and practicality of wearable technology, yet, from a marketing point view, version two of Google Glass  ,Microsoft’s Hololens  and Facebook’s Oculus Rift virtual reality headset  have created platforms for the most “in your face” marketing around, literally. The potential for advertising on these devices is limitless and if the technology increases in popularity, could be a great way to get your brand seen, up close and personal!


There are many opportunities to use these future forward technologies in our every day marketing - how will you use them to set your brand apart?!



What Does Your Beer Say About You?



It may not be an hoptical illusion that one’s decision to choose a craft beer over the classic ‘Bud’ may actually exemplify distinct personality traits. One rarely chooses a beer of choice on a whim; there is a mental ‘process of elimination’ that occurs (after all – it is a colossal decision.) Mainly, there’s the decision of choosing your tried-and-true go-to, or veering left for one of those Hopps or Malts that are the new craze. With the grand success of Saskatoon’s first annual Beer Fest, some of you may be inclined to choose the latter.

Many Saskatonian’s are choosing to sip on the local delicacy of a craft beer for its exquisite taste – but what they may not be aware of is the strong correlation between one’s beer of choice and their personality. A dark, thick, barrel-aged stout or a light, wheaty Belgian-style may be you preference - emphasizing your sophisticated palate or adventurous side.  Researcher John Durant, a market researcher who specializes in psychographics, has found that beer has the capability to be ‘a window to one’s soul.’

The act of drinking a local craft beer is known to exemplify characteristics such as charisma, adventurousness & daring! Ok, so… you’re charismatic? I’m sure you can live with that. Regardless of the stigma that may be attached to the drinker, many locals are proud to sip on the locally-brewed crafts of Paddock WoodPrairie Sun Brewery and Nine Mile Legacy, and are staying tapped in (okay – last one – I promise) to the progression of this local, “craft beer” movement!

So – what are your favourite local brews? If you haven’t checked any out, we highly recommend you do!

Welcome to our New Site!

Welcome to the new Refresh website!

At Refresh we’re always looking to be the best marketing firm we can be. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we’ve made ourselves a new website! We put a lot of ourselves into the new site because we want all of our clients, past, present and potential, to know who we really are – and how passionate we are about marketing.

If you recognize the importance of being competitive online, or are interested in utilizing marketing tools (traditional or digital) to inject new life into your company or business, get in touch with us! We would love to meet with you and discuss how we can help take your brand to the next level. Remember – we handcraft all of our marketing efforts based on your company’s particular needs, industry and budget.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with marketing news, changes in the digital marketplace, and the world of advertising, check back in to our blog often.  We try to Refresh our content regularly for you.

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